Sunday, March 09, 2008

Taking a daily multivitamin

Frankly, I have been very energetic recently.

This has not happen to me for quite a long long time.

Well, the credits need to go to the exercises that I have been done very actively and the nutritious that I have emphasized on.

You just can't ignore all these if you are going to lead a healthy life. Doing some regular exercises at least 30 minutes a day will definitely benefit you. Yes, it helps strengthening our body.

Despite of this, I have the daily multivitamins as well just to have the supplement that tend to be short on.

I may not know what's those short on, but I know I need to take extra vitamin B and calcium as well as Vitamin B can calm the nervous system and the calcium can let me have a better sleep.

Don't believe? Well, I am not here to sell vitamins. But I did a lot of research on this field, and the fact is, I can now have a good night's sleep. After doing the exercise every morning and taking the supplements, I almost forget that I was once having a severe insomnia.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Get yourself there

Again, are you ready to get yourself to what and where you want?

Have you gathered all the know-how tips, the tools and the inspirations that you need?

Just remember this, you are responsible for your size and your health, think no further, just grab your workout gear and get ready to build the body you want.

And, stay tuned here, you will be given the tips for what you desire for.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Before and after

Hey, what's that?

Sure you have come across this kind of advertisements showing you before and after photos umpteen times. And I bet that you are sure to choose the after photo if you are going to be asked. And how you wish you are the one who has successfully shed off the extra pounds.

To get the body slimmer, stronger, healthier, and sexier is always our dreams.

Yes, we always struggle and dream to shed off all those stubborn pounds, hoping to lose them 10, 20 or even 50 pounds, blast away body fat and slim down all over, get thinner, leaner thighs and look better in our skinny jeans...

Well, is this always been your wanting? I bet so.

I know you are eagerly to know what's need to be done to get a slimmer and sexier body, there are a lot to be considered but before these, what you need to consider is detoxify your body.

Sounds funny? No! It's absolutely correct when you are going to take the challenge to lose your weight.

Detoxify your body by having a lot of water daily and cut off the food and stop taking any of the drugs. Have your body a total release and beware of your food intake, exercise regularly and do some yoga. Simple?

Try it, you will lose your pounds in a very short period.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Are you a smart sleeper

Oh, this is going to be a good question.

Are you a smart sleeper? Have you ever been asking yourself that you know how to sleep? Or, do you know a better way to sleep?

Think about this ~ An environment that is quiet, dark, relatively cool with a comfortable bed...Close your eyes and imagine, isn't it a wonderful place for your sleep? So, remove the television, telephone, office equipments, computer and other things that might distract you from a good sleep. Yes, your bedroom is only meant for sleep and sex.

Getting up about the same time and if napping is really needed for improving your alertness during the day, consider then the short nap say about 15 to 20 minutes.

Well, that's not all. Do yourself a favour. Avoid all those caffeine-containing beverages (coffee, teas, chocolate, and cola drinks) after 2 p.m., or noon if you're caffeine-sensitive. Yes, avoid alcohol as well at least two hours before bedtime.

Don't forget the regular exercise though, consider the afternoon work out and take a hot bath before your bedtime.

However, the most important is that you need to clear away your stress, don't ever let the anxiety disrupt your sleep, it is easier said than done, but at least, try to reduce it.

So, with all these main tips, get ready to be a smart sleeper and have a really sweet dreams ya.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A brand new look

Hey! I think it's the time for me to come back here.

It's not that I want to abondon this site of mine. It's just that I have all those stuffs to finish off, and I need to put some efforts in my self-learning and catch up as much as I could.

Well, almost there.

Today, I come back with a brand new look of my site. I am quite satisfied actually as it turned up to a site that carrying much more love and care.

So, I will be here constantly. How about you?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Build your muscle in 10 minutes

Getting bored of doing all those weight lifting at gym for long hours?

Come and try this tip that is not long enough to tax your nervous systems and prompt overtraining,yet long enough to really last a muscle groups.

Break up your workouts into one body part per mini session.

morning ~6 sets of chest work~10 minutes.
afternoon~6 sets of back work~10 minutes.
evening ~6 sets of bicep work~10 minutes.

Morning ~6 sets of leg work ~ 10 minutes.
afternoon~6 sets of shoulder work ~ 10 minutes.
evening ~6 sets of tricep work ~ 10 minutes.

Repeat monday's workout.

shed off your fat easier than ever

Have been trying all ways of shedding off your stubborn fat?

Well, break up your carbs, proteins and fats into seperate meals throughout the day.

Use this trick for a few days at a time, it will create some interesting changes in your body chemistry which can included increased fat-burning.

This is actually a food combining that can improve your digestion. As we all know that the greater our digestion, the greater our fat burning.

Start with carbs in the morning, proteins in the afternoon, and fats in the evening.

For example, consume 100% of your alloted calories for that meal from unrefined carbs such as oatmeal, yams or brown rice for your first two meals.

For your next two meals, you may consume tuna fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, whey and other very lean proteins.

End the day with 2 large salads with several teaspoons of olive oil. Use some balsamic vinegar with these salads if you like.

Using this trick a few days a week will give you a kick in the fat-burning pant in several ways.

Try it.

Monday, August 06, 2007

ways to avoid injury in any sport

When we are so concern about doing the exercise, we need to avoid the injury though.

Everybody's physical strength level is different. you should always pay fully attention and be alert to your own body.

Always let your body be in charge of how hard you push yourself instead of a trainer or instructor.

Obey your body, not your trainer or instructor.

Listen to your own body. Only YOU know your body best.

After all, the purpose of any exercise programe should be better health, not sprain and tears and suffering.